About Us

The mission of the Special Interest Group for Information Technology Project Management (SIGITProjMgmt) promotes the vital role that project management brings to IT and creates an educational and rewarding experience for researchers, students, and practitioners interested in this field of study.

This Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) is comprised of a passionate group of individuals that are interested in IT project management (ITProjMgmt). We actively sponsor tracks at AIS conferences (e.g., AMCIS, PACIS, and ECIS) as well as host our own pre-ICIS workshop devoted to IT project management. The goals of our SIG include:

  1. To enhance the visibility of IT project management research and support research activities related to IT project management.
  2. To be involved in major AIS regions via conferences (ICIS, AMCIS, PACIS, ECIS) to facilitate interaction with project management and information systems scholars and practitioners around the world.
  3. To provide member services that support the development and production of high quality IT project management research.
  4. To promote the publication of IT project management research through conferences, workshops, and special issues in a variety of journals.

The IT Project Management SIG was founded in 2006 by Deepak Khazanchi, Ph.D. (University of Nebraska at Omaha) with over forty charter members. The first International Research Workshop on IT Project Management was held as a pre-ICIS workshop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2006 with approximately 50 attendees. As of 2020, the SIG has over 150 members and is sponsoring its 15th International Research Workshop on IT Project Management as well as tracks at AMCIS and PACIS.