Why Start a Chapter

One of the main reasons to charter an AIS Student Chapter is the legitimacy belonging to a larger organization brings. In some cases, there could be a practical outcome, as a new club might only be officially recognized by the university if it is affiliated with a national or international organization. In other cases, legitimacy is more symbolic with the club becoming “part of something bigger”, facilitating the recruitment of new members. 

Creating a new AIS Student Chapter also provides direct value to the local club, in the form of recognition, professional development, and networking opportunities. Over the years, those opportunities were headlined by the AIS Student Leadership Conference and Competitions and by the annual awards.

More recently we have developed two new initiatives (online conference and competition and speaker series) aiming to distribute the value creation from the program throughout the year while facilitating the engagement of members who are not able to attend the in-person conference.

Please reach out to us at studentchapters@aisnet.org if you have any questions.

AIS Student Chapter Leadership Conference (SCLC)

AIS SCLC is an annual event hosted by one of the student chapters. The 2024 conference will be hosted by Utah State University in Logan, Utah USA. Student attendees network and lead workshops and also participate in one of the several competitions with themes like cybersecurity and analytics.

Annual Awards

A faculty committee analyzes annual activity reports and selects award winners in a variety of categories from “most outstanding chapter” to recognitions for specific types of activities, like community outreach and member communication. In the end, many chapters receive awards and are able to share their accomplishments with members and institutions to gather future support.

Online Conference and Competitions

Experimentations in 2021 and 2022 serve as a template for a permanent online event taking place each November. The AIS Software Innovation Challenge will take center stage as an online competition.

Speaker Series

Industry experts present timely topics to our student chapter members worldwide. We intend to continue to expand the number of events in the speaker series and experiment with different time slots to facilitate attendance by students in different parts of the world.

University of Montana Student Chapter

What advisors have to say about the program

Why did you start a student chapter at your school?
“To increase student engagement and provide more IS related resources among the undergraduate IS student population.” dawn.owens@utdallas.edu
Dr. Dawn Owens
University of Texas, Dallas
Why did you start a student chapter at your school?

“We believe membership in a professional organization is vital to students’ assimilation into the profession. It enhances their career. We are interested in helping student embark on a professional career, as opposed to simply finding a job”. jeffrey.johnson@usu.edu
Dr. Jeffrey Johnson
Utah State University