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Annual Report Outline and Rules

Verification Form

AIS Student Chapter Roster

Verification forms and a current roster are required to be considered for awards

Follow the outline below to complete your report. Your report should contain ALL of the sections (except “Presentation Score”) below and follow the same order. Each section will be evaluated and you will be awarded points for each section as indicated below. The points will determine your selection for the AIS student chapter awards. Be sure to include your chapter/school name, faculty advisor’s name and information, and the reporting year’s leadership team/officers of the chapter.

Executive Summary (10 points)

The executive summary segment should briefly outline the chapter’s activities for the year, highlighting its major accomplishments and operating philosophy. This should be a one-page stand alone element that could potentially highlight your chapter on the website.

Professional Development (10 points)

Describe and evaluate programs or activities designed to advance the professional skills and development of your members. These strategies may include, but are not limited to, speaker programs, career skills workshops (e.g., resume writing, interview skills, etiquette programs, etc.), and research activities.

Community Service (10 points)

Discuss the programs and activities that demonstrate your chapter’s commitment to the greater community in which it operates (e.g., the larger campus community, the local community, national philanthropies, etc.). Any form of leadership or participation in altruistic or philanthropic events is appropriate; however, those activities that demonstrate an IT contribution to society’s overall quality of life should be heavily emphasized. Projects that allow chapters to utilize their IT skills are desirable. Be sure to discuss if your chapter mentors other AIS chapters (e.g., Ambassador Program).

Fiscal Responsibility (10 points)

Discuss the budgetary responsibilities of your organization and how it ties to the overall goals of the chapter. Please provide the financial statement of your chapter including revenue and costs. Briefly describe your business model and how you acquire revenue and sustain your chapter activities financially. Include the profitability analysis but be sure to also examine the cost/benefits of each activity and how well they meet the overall goals of the chapter. Please provide the financial stateemnt of your organization including revenue and costs.

Membership (10 points)

Present and analyze your total chapter membership as well as your membership mix over the planning period. Explain and evaluate your chapter’s membership strategies. These strategies include not only the efforts to recruit new members, but also retaining members and involving members in activities (e.g., promotions and incentives), as well as the services provided to members. Summarize all your key metrics from this data into a table. Also include the following items:

  • Total members and breakdown (% freshman, sophomore, etc.)
  • Number of meetings held and average attendance at each meeting
  • List each event/activity held, include a brief one-line description and attendance numbers for each event

Communications (10 points)

This section should describe the communications strategy for the chapter which would include internal and external promotional activities. These activities may include electronic initiatives (e.g., social media, websites, etc.). The description should also include an evaluation of your efforts and successes at achieving your communication goals. In addition, activities directed toward external constituents should be discussed including their frequency. Please provide samples of communication.

Advancing IS as a Profession (10 points)

Discuss the strategies employed by your chapter to promote the study or practice of information systems to external constituents for advancing the IS profession. Examples include coding camps for high school students, workshop discussing IS career options, etc.

Chapter operations (10 points)

Describe and analyze the management strategies of your student chapter. Such management functions as planning, coordinating, controlling, officer transition strategies, organizing your chapter and chapter activities may be included. Organizational structure and officer training programs may be discussed. It is permissible to include other management functions. This section should also show evaluations of your efforts in achieving management-oriented goals.

Membership Roster (10 points)

In addition to an updated membership roster, be sure to provide (or indicate within the roster) your current chapter advisor contact information as well as who next year’s chapter officers are with contact information.

Presentation Score (10 points)

While you are encouraged to be creative in preparing and presenting your annual report, make sure that it conforms to professional standards in both content and layout. Avoid errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure. Use headings effectively to guide the reader through the report. Use white space appropriately to increase the readability and attractiveness of the report. Consider the file size of the document. Avoid creating a document that is too large to send via email or is too large to easily open. Page limit: 20 pages inclusive of figures, tables, appendices, etc.

Please note:

  • Most of your chapter activities should be completed prior to the annual report submission date.
  • Use metrics throughout the annual report as appropriate.
  • Each section should describe only activities sponsored and implemented by the student chapter not activities conducted by the chapter’s home department.
  • By submitting an annual report the chapter agrees to allow the report to be made public on the AIS Student Chapter website.
Annual Report Examples
    To view examples of past reports that have been submitted, please visit our Student Chapter Annual Report Examples Library.
    Submit Your Report

    Submission Rules

    1. One (1) electronic PDF copy of the chapter Annual Report and one (1) electronic PDF copy of the chapter Annual Report verification form must be submitted electronically. Click here to submit your annual report.
    2. The annual report must contain a front cover clearly identifying the full University name and school name if applicable. The front cover must include the current reporting period.
    3. The annual report must be prepared using 8½” x 11″ format.
    4. The annual report cannot exceed twenty (20) pages in length, excluding the front cover, back cover and table of contents. However, any copy and/or artwork appearing on the inside of the cover  pages will count as a page. Any title page or section divider is counted as a page. In addition, a page with copy/print on both sides (2-sided) is considered as two (2) pages.
    5. Exhibits are permitted in the text. You may have both text and exhibits on the same page and you may have more than one exhibit per page. However, you must decide if this contributes to or detracts from a professional presentation.
    6. Chapters may use appendices to display additional material. You may put one or more tables/charts/figures on a single page, but be sure to consider how this might affect readability. Each page will count as one page of the Annual Report. Pages must not exceed the 8½” x 11” page size limit.
    7. A minimum of size 10 font must be used. Size 12 font is preferred.
    8. Consider the file size of the document. Avoid creating a document that is too large to send via email or is too large to open easily.
    9. To be eligible for the annual awards the report is due May 8, 2024. 

    Annual Report Disqualification Errors

    1. Misrepresentation: A chapter may be disqualified if it misrepresents its activities.
    2. Verification Form: A chapter may be disqualified if the annual report verification form is not submitted with annual report. By signing the verification form, faculty advisors acknowledge that they have read the report and verify its accuracy to the best of their knowledge.
    3. Roster Error: A chapter may be disqualified for failing to submit a current roster (as a separate file) with the annual report submission.

    Annual Report Penalty Errors

    1. Annual Report over twenty (20) page limit. Penalty = 3 points a page.
    2. Annual Report submitted late. Penalty = Annual reports received after the due date will not be submitted into the competition. No exceptions under any circumstances!
    3. Improper cover or use of cover. Penalty = 3 points.
    4. Font size smaller than 10. Penalty = 3 points
    5. Failure to submit annual report as one PDF file Penalty = 1 point
    6. Failure to complete the online form = 10 points*