Renew Chapter Membership

How to Renew your Student Chapter’s Membership

AIS student chapter membership ensures your students have access to a global network of IS academics and practitioners and gives your students a competitive advantage in their careers by providing the opportunity to enhance their resumes and reputations by participating in our flagship programs:

  • AIS Student Chapter Competitions​
  • Student Chapter Leadership Conference
  • Annual Student Chapter Award

Each AIS Student Chapter must fulfill these three requirements to maintain chapter status:

  1. Submit the Annual Report of Activities and Membership (typically due in May of each year)
  2. An updated Chapter Roster (this includes Officers and Members) 
  3. Submit annual membership dues prior to expiration

Renew your chapter’s membership to maintain access to all programs and services. Be sure to sign in to the AIS website with the student chapter login (not your individual AIS membership login) to pay online. If your university requires an invoice or wire transfer information for payment, please send a message to and we will be happy to assist!