Current Student Chapters

Questions? Please email for chartering or reinstating an AIS Student Chapter. To join a Student Chapter at your university, please contact the Faculty Advisor listed below. (Updated January 12, 2022)

Arizona State University 
Faculty Advisor: Kavous Roumina,
Chapter President: Kelly Mannenbach
Website  Instagram  
Auburn University 
Faculty Advisor: Michael Lamb,
Chapter President: Madison Morrow

Belmont University 
Faculty Advisor: Bryon Balintm,
Chapter President:  Information Requested

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Advisor: Carolyn Lamacchia,
Chapter President: Information Requested

Brigham Young University 
Faculty Advisor: Tom Meservy,
Chapter President: Jefferson Ostler
Website  Facebook  Instagram

Central Connecticut State University
Faculty Advisor: Michael Gendron,

Clemson University
Faculty Advisor: Kaitlin Pealer,
Chapter President: David De Jesus

Creighton University
Faculty Advisor: Dustin Ormond,
Chapter President: Duncan Kyhl

Duquesne University
Faculty Advisor: Jacqueline Pike,
Chapter President: Roberto Laporte

Florida International University
Faculty Advisor: Gladys Simpson,
Chapter President: Eduardo Guzman
Website  Instagram  

Georgia Gwinnett College
Faculty Advisor: Darryl Romanow,
Chapter President: Asfarah Rahman

Georgia State University
Faculty Advisor: Gregory Gimpel,
Chapter President: Elsa Paul

Illinois State University
Faculty Advisor: Bahae Samhan,
Chapter President: Zech Jacob

James Madison University
Faculty Advisor: Shawn Lough,
Chapter President: Logan Franz
Website  Instagram

Kennesaw State University
Faculty Advisor: Dominic Thomas,
Chapter President: Shota Yasuda

Middle Tennessee State University
Faculty Advisor: Michael Erskine,
Chapter President: Robert Mepham
Linkedin  Facebook  Instagram

Northern Arizona University
Faculty Advisor: Gavin Zhang,
Chapter President: Dalton Arford

Rider University
Faculty Advisor: Emre Yetgin,
Chapter President: Pritika Gulati
Roger Williams University
Faculty Advisor: Farbod Farhadi,
Chapter President: Brett Boyd
Website  Instagram

Rowan University 
Faculty Advisor: Yide Shen,
Chapter President: Jared Lichter

Temple University 
Faculty Advisor: Steven Sclarow,
Chapter President: Andrew Kaeser
Website  Instagram
University of Alabama
Faculty Advisor: David Hale,
Chapter President: Skyler Lynch

University of Arkansas - Fayetteville
Faculty Advisor: Susan Bristow,
Chapter President:  Ashton Isaacson

University of Central Oklahoma
Faculty Advisor: Therese Williams,
Chapter President: Jeremy Rosinski

University of Colorado - Denver
Faculty Advisor: Jiban Khuntia,
Chapter President: Karishma Kaur
Website  Facebook  Instagram  

University of Florida
Faculty Advisor: Adam Munson,
Chapter President: Travis Dietz

University of Gdansk
Faculty Advisor: Piotr Porzuczek,
Chapter President: Weronika Jozwiak
Website  Facebook 

University of Georgia
Faculty Advisor: Mark W. Huber,
Chapter President: Jill Garrett
Website  Facebook  Instagram  

University of Illinois
Faculty Advisor: Vidya Haran,
Chapter President: Sushmetha Venkata Subramanian
University of Minho
Faculty Advisor: Rui Dinis de Sousa,
Chapter President: Sara Domingues
Website  Facebook  Instagram

University of Missouri - St Louis
Faculty Advisor: Dinesh Mirchandani,
Chapter President: Kha Huynh

University of Montana
Faculty Advisor: David Firth,
Chapter President: Claire Bradley
Website  Facebook  Instagram  

University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Faculty Advisor: Brittani Washington,
Chapter President: Chase Thompson

University of San Francisco
Faculty Advisor: Kourosh Dadgar,
Chapter President: Shahini Sengupta

University of Texas - Dallas
Faculty Advisor:  Dawn Owens, 
Chapter President: Leharika Chiriki

University of Utah
Faculty Advisor: Laurie Bragg,
Chapter President: Alex Djokovich

University of West Florida
Department Chair: Arup Mukhrejee, 
Chapter President: Baylee Schatz

Utah State University
Department Chair: Jeffrey Johnson,
Chapter President: Madelyn Gardner