Pre-Proposal Process

Starting a student chapter is easy.

  1. Identify an advisor
  2. Fill out an application
  3. Build your roster
  4. Draft chapter bylaws
  5. Submit your membership dues

 There are a few things that you need to complete, have ready or know before submitting your proposal.

Brigham Young University Student Chapter

1. Identify an AIS Member to be the Student Chapter Faculty Advisor.

Your chapter advisor must be a member of AIS in good standing. If your advisor needs to become a new member, have them register here.

2. Prepare your application materials. 

To submit an application to charter a new student chapter, ensure you have the proper forms completed. Click here for the necessary documents and application. 

3. Have a list of at least 10 founding members with contact information ready to enter on the form. 

This allows you to quickly enter the information without a delay.  AIS-Student-Chapter-Roster-Template. xlsx (MS Excel)

4. Draft chapter bylaws

Using the provided template, take time to establish your chapter's governing documents. Student Chapter Bylaws Template (chapter bylaws template)

5. Start the payment process.

It takes time to have a college/university check approved. Don’t let this be a roadblock! If an invoice is needed please email The yearly membership fee is $495 for schools in the US and Canada. AIS has a graduated payment scale based on the United Nations Human Development Index.  

When in doubt, ask. We are happy to help. Please submit your questions to