PayCargo Supply Chain Logistics Case Study (2023)

2023 PayCargo Supply Chain Logistics Case Study Winners: 

From March 30 - April 1, AIS Student Chapter members from attend the AIS 2023 Student Chapter Leadership Conference hosted by Florida International University. In total there were 186 registrants (134 students and 52 faculty) representing 25 universities and 3 countries. Students participated in competitions, learned from women at Microsoft, hosted leadership workshops, and earned awards for their competition solutions. The competition judging committees represented both industry and academia.

“Our student chapter members demonstrated incredible creativity and professionalism during this year’s competitions,” shared AIS AVP of Student Chapters Alex Barsi Lopes. “The talent and hard work put into the solutions shows that the future of Information Systems is bright.”

The aim of the PayCargo Supply Chain Logistics Case Study was to identify and propose innovative solutions to improve the processes associated with supply chain management. Students were asked to explore each of the case challenge areas to familiarize yourself with some select challenges in the industry, analyze which business processes, stakeholders, and technology systems may be impacted by the challenge areas, and propose a supply chain management system solution in the form of a business case to address the challenge areas. 

Congratulations to the following competition winners!

1st Place: Middle Tennessee State University

2nd Place: Florida International University (FIU)