EY Case Competition (2021)

As a leader in innovation and technology advisory, EY is proud to sponsor a case competition for the AIS Student Leadership Conference in 2021. We invite teams of 3 to 4 members to participate in this competition and develop case analysis and presentation skills that will be fundamental for their careers. (Teams of fewer than 3 to 4 individuals are not encouraged, but a submission would not be rejected because of it.) Finalist teams will also have an opportunity to receive feedback from EY professionals prior to their final presentations.

The case (inspired by a real client engagement) covers a variety of technology issues in a global financial institution.


Submission Instructions 

A 15-minute video with your presentation should be uploaded to YouTube (make sure that you don’t make your video private so we can access it!)

Email the following to AISSCLC2021@gmail.com by the deadline:

– A PDF with your presentation (a maximum of 15 slides, not including cover, team introduction, and agenda; unlimited appendix slides are allowed)

– A link to your YouTube video


First place: $1,000

Second place: $500

Third place $250

Questions? Contact studentchapters@aisnet.org

Important Dates

March 9 (10 am Central) – OPTIONAL: Case Competition Prep Workshop (Watch the recording)

March 19 (9:30 am Central) – OPTIONAL: Q&A session about the case conducted by EY professionals

March 28 – Solution submission deadline (video and presentation in PDF format)

April 2 – Finalists notified

April 5 and 6 – Coaching sessions with EY professionals for finalists (scheduled directly)

April 8 (11:59 pm Central) – Submission of final presentations by finalists

April 9 – Final presentations (during the conference) and winners announced


  • The submission should be the work of the team. Faculty and/or other individuals can contribute to the submission in the role of advisors and coaches, but the final submissions should be created solely by the team.
  • The competition materials must be submitted by the due dates.
  • Teams must be members of an AIS Student Chapter.
  • If the number of submissions allow, graduate and undergraduate groups may be judged separately. In this case, a team with a 50% or more graduate student composition will be classified as a graduate student team.

Preliminary Round

For the preliminary round, each team should submit:

  • A PDF file containing your complete slide deck. Up to 15 slides should be included, without notes (if those are included, they will be completely disregarded). Cover, team introduction, and agenda do not count towards the total of 15 slides. Unlimited appendix slides are allowed.
  • A 15-minute (or shorter) video with your presentation, published on YouTube. Teams will be penalized by submitting videos longer than 15 minutes (potentially with disqualification).

Finalists announcement

The top submissions, as scored by the judges, will move on to the final round, to be held at the Student Chapters Leadership Conference.  Teams selected for the finals will be announced by April 2. At this point, each team will be designated an EY professional for a coaching session. Teams do not need to meet with the EY coach but those that do will receive feedback that can be incorporated into the final presentations.

Final round

For the final round, teams should submit their final slide deck on April 8 by 11:59 PM Central) using the same email address they used for the preliminary submissions (AISSCLC2021@gmail.com). The final deck should have a maximum of 15 slides not including cover, team introduction, and agenda. Teams are allowed unlimited appendix slides.

In this round, finalists will be required to make a presentation to the judges about their solution. Each team will have 15 minutes to present. Teams are expected to manage their own presentation time but will receive prompts when there are 5, 2, and 1 minute(s) left. Once the presentation reaches 15 minutes, teams will be interrupted if they have not reached the conclusion.

After the presentation is concluded, teams will undergo a 10-minute Q&A session with the judges. Once the Q&A session reaches 10 minutes, the discussion will be interrupted even if in mid-sentence.

Judging guidelines

  • Content (50%) – Is the solution matching the expectations from the case?
  • Presentation structure (30%) – Are slides structured and the content displayed in a way that makes it easier for the audience to follow the story?
  • Presentation delivery (20%) – Was the presentation conducted professionally and does the whole team gives the impression that they are knowledgeable about the case and its proposed solution?