Dare Mighty Innovations

Competition Name: Dare Mighty Innovations: Innovating for Impact!

Description: Large-language models (e.g., ChatGPT) are accelerating productivity and opening new possibilities for innovation and advancement.  For this innovative challenge, teams are invited to create new innovations that address real-world challenges by leveraging LLMs in new and interesting ways. 

Prompt: In a rapidly changing world, innovation is the driving force behind progress. Your challenge is to conceive, develop, and present an innovative solution that leverages LLMs and addresses a compelling problem. Your solution should have the potential to create a positive and lasting impacts on a business, an industry, society, or the environment.


  1. Identify the Problem: Begin by identifying a specific problem or challenge that your innovation aims to solve. Clearly articulate the problem's significance and the potential consequences of not addressing it.

  2. Innovation Proposal: Develop a comprehensive proposal for your innovative solution. Include details about the concept, technology, methodology, and any necessary resources.

  3. Impact Assessment: Describe the anticipated impact of your innovation. How will it benefit society, the environment, or the chosen industry? Consider economic, social, environmental, and ethical aspects.

  4. Feasibility Analysis: Discuss the feasibility of implementing your innovation. What are the technical, financial, and logistical challenges you might face? How do you plan to overcome them?

  5. Presentation: Prepare a compelling and engaging presentation to showcase your innovation to the judges and your peers. Use visual aids, prototypes, and data to support your proposal.

This competition is restricted to members of current AIS Student Chapters. 

Important Dates

  • (EXTENDED) February 8, 2024: Preliminary submissions due.
  • February 15, 2024: Finalists notified.
  • March 21 – 23, 2024: Finalists compete at the conference in Logan, Utah, before a panel of judges.


Monetary Awards

  • 1st place team: $3000
  • 2nd place team: $2000
  • 3rd place team: $1000



For questions or additional information, please email aisconf@usu.edu and place the track name in the subject line.

Preliminary Submission

Your submission must include:

  • A 3-minute video demonstrating all aspects of their proposed innovation. The video should communicate the purpose, background, and impact on business. This video should include an in-depth discussion of all major features you plan to implement in your innovative idea.  Points will be based on the quality of the prototype, the quality of the video, the thoroughness of the prototype, and the extent to which your prototyped idea addresses your identified problem statement. 

Submission Directions

Utilize this survey to submit your materials for this competition.

Detailed Judging Criteria



Purpose and scope

The idea is presented clearly and coherently.

The scope of the concept prototype is clearly defined.

Thoroughness of Concept Prototype

All features to be included in the idea have been prototyped to the best ability of the technology and prototyping platform. The value of the idea is demonstrated.

Quality of Prototype

The concept prototype is polished and communicates the intended function well.

Minimal placeholders and dummy text are used.

Color schemes and platform-specific usability guidelines are followed.

Video is Compelling

The video is engaging, compelling, and fun.

Production Quality

The video is well-produced and well-edited.

Finalist Expectations

Once finalists are notified, additional instructions will be given to them on what to prepare for the finals held in Logan, Utah.