AI-Assisted Analytics Challenge

Recent developments in Artificial intelligence (AI) tools make it possible for them to be used to support data analysis in a variety of ways allowing analysts to spend more time on higher-level tasks such as interpretation and visualization of the data.  For example, AI tools can be used to: 

  • Automate various tasks related to data preparation and cleaning. 
  • Detect patterns and insights within large datasets.
  • Build predictive models that can forecast future trends or outcomes based on past data.


The aim of this competition is to rely on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to support your analysis of the FDA data about drug approvals provided below in order to identify major trends and derive useful insights.

You must use AI tools, such as ChatGPT or PubMedChatGPT, to assist you with data preparation and analysis.

The team will decide when and how much -- that is, at which stage in the analytical process and for what aspects of the task – the AI tool(s) will be utilized. 

What is it that my team and I will need to submit?

A Word document summarizing the team’s analysis and findings must be submitted by Tuesday February 28th Deadline Extended! Sunday, March 5. The document must detail how the AI tools were used and whether they added value to different aspects of the data gathering, data preparation, and analysis. Your submission must include documentation of the prompts provided to the AI tool(s).

    1. Formatting requirements: double spaced lines, size 12 font, APA format without an abstract.
    2. Content requirements (narrative of overall analysis/findings to not exceed 5 pages in length, excluding the title page, references, and the appendix):
      1. A title page which specifies the name of the participants and the topic chosen (does not contribute to the total page count)
      2. An executive summary
      3. Narrative of overall analysis/findings (tables and graphics that support the analysis can be included here, or in the appendix. If referencing tables and graphics in the overall analysis/findings section, please include a reference to where this can be found in the appendix. Including tables/graphics in the narrative of the overall analysis/findings contributes to the total page count)
      4. References (APA format, does not contribute to the total page count) 
      5. Appendix (does not contribute to the total page count) 
      6. List of prompts that the team submitted to the AI tool(s)

  • A video recording of the team presentation summarizing their analysis and findings must be submitted by Tuesday February 28th Deadline Extended! Sunday, March 5.
    1. Video length must not exceed 10 minutes
    2. Provide an URL to the video with appropriate authorization for viewing access

Finalists will be notified by Tuesday, March 7th Friday, March 10 and will be required to submit a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the team’s analysis and findings by March 28th, in preparation for a 10–15-minute presentation in front of a judging panel at the AIS (Association for Information Systems) SCLC on March 30th.

How you should submit

  1. You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your entry.
  2. Teams selected as Finalists will be notified by email on Tuesday, March 7th Friday, March 10.
  3. Finalists will present their work in front of the judging panel during the AIS SCLC 2023 conference to be held in Miami Thursday March 28th- Saturday April 1st.

Competition Rules

  • Teams are limited to 4 members.  
  • The project submission must be entirely the work of the student team. While faculty and other individuals can help review the submission, they should not contribute to the content of the report or the solution.
  • Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  • The contest materials must be submitted by the due dates. Late submissions will not be accepted, and no extensions will be given.

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Quality of the analysis and proposed recommendations

  1. Novelty/creativity – the team demonstrated an original and potentially unexpected approach to the data analysis and/or recommendations.
  2. Innovation -- the team demonstrated the ability to utilize AI tools effectively
  3. Insight – the team provided interesting and meaningful findings and interpretations.
  4. Scope – the team incorporated relevant data from a variety of sources, and then incorporated an adequate amount and variety of data analysis and/or research which were utilized appropriately for making recommendations.

Quality of the PRESENTATION of the analysis and recommendations

  1. Clarity – during the presentation, the team provided a well-organized, complete, and clear description of the approach taken, research conducted, data utilized, and conclusions reached.
  2. Consistency – during the presentation, the team delivered conclusions and proposed solution(s) that were logically and reasonably consistent with the data analysis and research conducted.
  3. Quality and effectiveness – during the presentation, the team utilized suitable visuals and delivery style that worked to create a convincing and compelling narrative.
  4. Engagement – during the presentation, multiple team members presented and/or participated by responding to questions. Overall, the team members exhibited command of the topic and a sense of passion and enthusiasm.


First place : $2000 per team
Second place: $1000 per team
Third place: $500 per team

Please contact with questions about this competition.