7th Xian

Xian 2019
7th CNoW Changing Nature of Work (CNoW) with ICT

How are work routines, tasks, jobs and employment re-shaped and reinstitutionalized in the 4th Industrial Revolution?

At PACIS 2019, Xi'an, China

It is proposed to have a participatory workshop at PACIS 2019 where people can discuss their ideas on the Changing Nature of Work. The theme of PACIS 2019 relates to the 4th Industrial Revolution and states that “with the progress of fourth industrial revolution driven by Artificial Intelligence, autonomous vehicles and drones, and 3D Printing, the restructure of employment and industry reallocation can happen”. Therefore, the nature of work in organizations is changing to accommodate new forms of organizing through modern digital platforms. Digital technology transforms jobs and tasks but also has deep effects on employee engagement and how meaning is formed in day-to-day work and employment. While there is more flexibility in terms of when, where, and how we work, there are also multiple adverse effects associated with these emerging patterns of work. For example, constant connectivity may seriously interrupt the workflows, and 24/7 work patterns may blurs the boundaries of work and personal life. Ultimately, digitalization is transforming the workplace and organizing, including leading to new forms of leadership, governance structures and individual responses to these new patterns of work. These and other issues related to the digital workplaces which may change the routines of work and task as well as patterns of employment will be explored in this workshop. The workshop will be run in conjunction with the workshop business meeting.

Potential topic areas include (but are not limited to):

Emerging new patterns of work

Digital working and workplace technologies

Algorithmic management

Digital infrastructures of work

Modern workspace as a combination of physical and digital environments

Changing spatial and temporal dimensions of work

Work fragmentation and nomadic work practices

New forms of virtual teamwork and virtualization of work

Transparency and open collaboration

New technology-enabled forms of employee participation and engagement

Gig economy, crowdsourcing

Impact on professions and labor through digitization and automation

Changing patterns of leadership, leadership in the digital age

Impact of the digital workplace on work-life balance and boundary management

Important Dates:

May 22 abstracts submission deadline (single page abstract, 700 words maximum excluding references)

May 29 acceptance notification

June 11 final abstract submission

July 11, workshop from 2pm to 6pm in Xi'an

Submission Instructions:

Prospective attendees are invited to submit a one page abstract (including title and authors names) about their research related to the changing nature of work. Accepted authors will have an opportunity to discuss their ideas in breakout discussions in a round table format at the workshop.

Submissions should be emailed to any one of the organizers: