10th Austin

Austin 2021: 10th CNoW

10th International Workshop on the Changing Nature of Work (CNoW)

Pre-ICIS 2021 Workshop - SIG CNoW

Workshop date and time: 12 December 2021, (Austin/Texas time) 8.30 AM to 2.00 PM, (Europe time) 15.30 – 21.00

Workshop theme: Changing the nature of work while building more sustainable and resilient organisations

Workshop Description

The nature of work and organizations is changing with the deeper embedding of modern new digital technologies in the workplace. This is transforming work but also changing and challenging core aspects of organisations such as employee connectedness, engagement and how meaning and identity is formed and reproduced in day-to-day work. These deep effects contribute to the emergence of new forms of organising based on open platforms of communication, collaboration, and exchanges for example the growing use of crowd-based work platforms where it becomes less relevant to which organizations individuals belong. Digital workplace platforms and ecosystems can thus support more dynamic and fluid work arrangements within and across organisations, and allow for more flexibility in terms of when, where, and how we work. The potential to leverage the opportunities from this new landscape of work in organisations to improve the lives of workers is enormous but also, there is great potential to create a better society and more sustainable and resilient organisations. Yet, this changing nature of work also raises many concerns and unintended consequences (e.g., digital fatigue, impact on well-being, meaningless work with algorithmic management and the corrosion of privacy). This is the theme for this workshop where we would like to discuss new and current research that improves or challenges our understanding of these themes.

At the workshop, a combination of short presentations and group discussions will be used to facilitate the exchange of ideas. Furthermore, we will have keynote presentations from:

  • Monideepa Tarafdar (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
  • Tina Blegind Jensen (Copenhagen Business School)
  • Sandra Peter (University of Sydney Business School)

You are invited to submit extended abstracts about your research (maximum 5 pages) related to the changing nature of work. Indicate whether this is a completed research project or research-in-progress.

Potential topic areas include (but are not limited to)

  • Emerging new patterns of work and organising
  • Digital working and workplace technologies
  • Algorithmic management within work platforms
  • Effects of remote work due to COVID pandemic
  • Digital infrastructures of work
  • Modern workspace as a combination of physical and digital environments
  • Changing spatial and temporal dimensions of work
  • Work fragmentation and nomadic work practices
  • New forms of virtual teamwork and virtualization of work
  • Virtual collaboration in digital organization
  • Virtual collaboration in digital organization
  • New technology-enabled forms of employee participation and engagement
  • Gig economy and crowd-work
  • Impact on professions and labour through digitization and automation
  • Impact of the digital workplace on work-life balance and boundary management
  • Creating more sustainable and resilient work arrangements in modern organisations
  • Managing digital exhaust and privacy issues

This is the 10th CNoW workshop. It started out at ICIS in Milan in 2013 and has been held every year since. We are a growing community and have this year joined AIS as a Special Interest Group - the Changing Nature of Work with ICT (SIGCNoW).

Program Committee members

lease feel encouraged to officially join our community when signing up to ICIS conference and join us in Texas to celebrate the formation of this new SIG!

The Workshop Program Chairs look forward to welcoming you in Austin,

  • Louise Harder Fischer, IT-University of Copenhagen, louf@itu.dk
  • Liana Razmerita, Copenhagen Business School, lra.msc@cbs.dk
  • Joao Baptista, Lancaster University, j.baptista@lancaster.ac.uk
  • Bart van den Hooff , Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, b.j.vanden.hoof@vu.nl

Important Dates
  • Submission deadline for extended abstracts: 2 October 2021 (extended)
  • Notification of acceptance: 18 October 2021

The program for the workshop is available here as a .pdf.

A file with all papers for the round table sessions is available here (.zip)

Exploring Knowledgeability of Human-AI Hybrids in Healthcare: An Algorithmic Assemblages Perspective,

Cristina Trocin, Patrick Mikalef and Yichuan Wang

Responses to Patient Self-Monitoring on Healthcare Work: A multilayered analysis,

Karin Högberg and Helena Vallo Hult

How the Application of Machine Learning Systems Changes Business Processes: A Multiple Case Study,

Pascal Kunz, Ekaterina Jussupow, Kai Spohrer and Armin Heinzl

Working with Artificial Intelligence: How Organizations Manage Explainability and Accuracy Concerns,

Sergey Stroppiana Tabankov and Mareike Möhlmann

Decision-making in Virtualized Corporations – Multiple Case Evidence of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations,

Nils Augustin and Andreas Eckhardt

Process Mining – Just another Workplace Technology?

Maren Gierlich-Joas

Anticipating the Future of Work Using First, Second, and Third Order Projection,

Fred Niederman

Algorithmic Management and Consequences for Gig Worker Mental Health,

Katherine Hill

Effects of Working From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Learning from the Past to Shape the Future,

Safa'A Abujarour, Haya Ajjan, Jane Fedorowicz and Dawn Owens

Remote Work Adaptability: Cabin Fever or Newfound Freedom?

Armin Peroznejad, Liana Razmerita, Niki Panteli and Dan Kärreman

A Conceptual Extension of Techno-stressors Induced by AI: Techno-Objectification,

Ufuk Gur

The Digital Workplace Problematique: Generative Metaphors for Cultivating Resilience.

Louise Harder Fischer and Nico Wünderlich

Who’s the Boss? Organizational Conflicts in a Hybrid of Human and Algorithmic Management,

Lior Zalmanson and Yaara Welcman

The Impact of Information Technology on Work-Life Balance in the Covid-19 Era,

Yuqian Liu

Beyond social auditing: Towards self-governance and empowerment of textile worker,

Livia Norström, Shiv Ganesh, Preeti Mudliar, Juho Lindman, Helena Vallo Hult and Anna Sigridur Islind

Antecedents, concepts and outputs in forced working from home in the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic

Anna Sigridur Islind, Livia Norström and Helena Vallo Hult

Platformic Management, Boundary Resources for Gig Work, and Worker Autonomy,

Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi and Steve Saywer