International Workshop on Changing Nature of Work with ICT (CNoW) will gather researchers and practitioners interested in researching the ongoing transformation of work incurred by the fast development of information and communication infrastructures. As the nature of work is deeply embedded in the fabric of our society and life, its transformation has implications in broad areas, such as economic development, individual work and organizational performance, sustainability of modes of work and well-being, division of labor and specialization, competence development and education, careers and lifetime perspectives on work. Outcomes of this workshop may provide a sneak preview on new ways of working and organizing work and collaboration.


Information Communications Technology (ICT) is fundamentally changing the way we work and live. ICT changes with whom we work through open collaboration, social connectivity, or intelligent networking. It changes what we do and how we do it affecting our quality of life as we move from manual and routine tasks to knowledge work. It allows us to work in flexible time such as freelancing or creating garage ventures. It affects where we work through telecommuting, telework, mobile work, or our home office. And, it affects the way we work. New patterns of digitally-mediated business communications for employees’ collaboration, coordination, and cooperation, overcome physical differences of time and place in working with others, while new forms of freelancing and contracting of projectized knowledge intensive work is becoming a viable and sustainable alternative to the full time employment model of work. With the rise of "open" social network on the Internet, physically distributed individuals and organizations may work together on ICT platforms worldwide. Thus, new terminologies are evolving around this evolving new ways of working, such as smart work, working smarter., future of work, new way of work, etc.


To promote, facilitate and disseminate research on the changing nature of work with ICT, ultimately targeting to promote adequate and positive applications of emerging technologies meeting needs of humans and society.


CNoW is the official workshop for the AIS SIGCNoW, and currently runs as a preconference workshop for AIS conferences, such as ICIS, AMCIS, PACIS, and ECIS.