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Milan 2013
The Changing Nature of Work:Working Smarter with ICT

Pre-ICIS 2013 Workshop, 15 December 2013

The AIS Special Interest Group on Organizational Systems Research Association (SIG-OSRA) will host a Pre-ICIS 2013 Workshop for people interested in researching the transformation of work via information and communication technologies. The workshop will be held on Sunday, 15 December 2013 at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. The theme of the workshop is “The Changing Nature of Work: Working Smarter with ICT.”

The day-long workshop will include a plenary session for completed research presentations, a series of research-in-progress paper roundtables, and lunch. Academics and practitioners are encouraged to submit research papers for the plenary and for the roundtable discussions. The best research papers will also be fast-tracked for publication in the Special Issue of the SIG-OSRA‘s Information Technology, Learning, and Performance Journal on the ‘Changing Nature of Work.’ You do not need to be a member of SIG-OSRA nor do you need to register for ICIS to contribute or attend. All research paper submissions will be peer-reviewed to determine acceptance.


Key Dates:

Submission deadline: Wednesday, October 9, 2013, (by midnight pacific time).

Notification of acceptance: Friday, October 25, 2013 At least one author of an accepted paper must register for the SIG–OSRA Pre-ICIS 2013 Workshop to be included in the Workshop Program. You can register for SIG-OSRA Pre-ICIS 2013 Workshop as part of the ICIS or Ancillary Only Workshops registration process at http://icis2013.aisnet.org/index.php/conference-registration.

Workshop Chairs

Jungwoo Lee, Yonsei University

Karen Patten, University of South Carolina

Irit Hadar, University of Haifa

Information Communications Technology (ICT) is fundamentally changing the way we work and live. ICT changes with whom we work through open collaboration, social connectivity, or intelligent networking. It changes what we do and how we do it affecting our quality of life as we move from manual and routine tasks to planning and venturing tasks. It allows us to work with flexible time such as freelancing or creating garage ventures. It affects where we work through telecommuting, telework, mobile work, or our home office. And, it affects the way we work, for example using knowledge-based services. New patterns of digitally-mediated business communications for employees’ collaboration, coordination, and cooperation, overcome physical differences of time and place in working with others, while new forms of freelancing and contracting of projectized knowledge intensive work is becoming a viable and sustainable alternative to the full time employment model of work. With the rise of "open" social network on the Internet, physically distributed individuals and organizations may work together on ICT platforms worldwide. Some call this new ways of working as “smart work” or “working smarter.” The focus of this SIG–OSRA Pre-ICIS 2013 Workshop is on ‘work,’ including the content and related processes of work as well as coordinating mechanisms and organizations. As the nature of work is deeply embedded in the fabric of our society and life, when its nature changes, the implicit and explicit rules of our society and lives change, including the way we assess performance, manage careers, and educate younger generations.


We invite you to submit insights, frameworks, and cases concerning the ‘changing nature of work.’ The scope of this workshop is only limited by the imagination of its participants. Different research approaches including conceptual, political, strategic, organizational, behavioral, economic, technical, and social perspectives are encouraged. Submissions should contribute significantly to understanding the coming ‘changing nature of work.’ Potential topics areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Virtualization of work
  • Virtual teams
  • New work processes structure
  • Gamefication of work
  • Changing work flows
  • Emerging patterns of work
  • Digital mediation
  • Telecommuting
  • Flexible time
  • Open collaboration and c rowd sourcing
  • Computer mediated communications
  • Work Design Theory
  • Institutional Transformation
  • Future of professions
  • Knowledge-intensivity of work and tasks
  • Outcome-based performance assessment
  • Participatory business enterprises
  • Contribution of Users/Consumers
  • Changing leadership patterns
  • Smart technologies
  • Spatial and temporal dimensions of work
  • Changing employee relation
  • Work Fragmentation
  • Smart services
  • Alternative Work Arrangements
  • e-Lancing and Precarious Work


Submission Instructions for Contributors

All papers should use the SIG-OSRA Pre-ICIS 2013 Workshop template found on the SIG-OSRA Website at www.osra.org. Submissions should be sent electronically as an email attachment to osrawork@gmail.com. Questions regarding paper submissions should be directed to the workshop chairs, preferably via email to Jungwoo Lee, jlee@yonsei.ac.kr, Karen Patten, or Irit Hadar.