SIG Sourcing Annual Meeting

SIG Annual Meeting 2022

The SIG Advances in Sourcing Annual meeting was a pre-ICIS workshop held in Copenhagen on Saturday, Dec 10th, 2022. The Annual Meeting  (8:30 - 10:30 a.m.) will be followed by the Global Sourcing Workshop (10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.). 

8:00-8:30 Registration and refreshments
8:30-8:45 Welcome
8:45-9:15 Heiner Himmelreich, Partner and Director Technology & Digital Advantage, Boston Consulting Group: “A BCG view on Recent Trends in Sourcing”
9:15-9:45 Marius Hartmann, Danish Business Authority: “Sourcing Machine Learning specialists: Good Practices from the Danish Business Authority”
9:45-10:15 Panel on recent trends and opportunities in the area of Sourcing
10:15-10:30 Awards and concluding remarks

SIG AM 2021: Expert Panel and Research Forum

The SIG on Advances in Sourcing Annual Meeting 2021 took place as a virtual pre-ICIS meeting via Zoom on December 6th, 2021 from 12pm to 4pm CST.

The meeting featured three main events:

  • An expert panel on "IS sourcing in the digital age" featuring Suzanne Rivard and Martin Wiener.
  • General Meeting and elections
  • A research forum on "IS sourcing in the digital age" in which participants will have the opportunity to present and discuss their own work with experienced editors and researchers in the field.

Expert panel "IS Sourcing in the Digital Age"

  • Suzanne Rivard on Doing IS sourcing research in the digital age: Riding the crest of the waves or diving under them?
    Suzanne Rivard is a Professor of Information Technology at HEC Montreal and is the HEC Montreal Endowed Chair in Strategic Management of Information Technology. Dr. Rivard is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and a Fellow of the AIS. She received an honoris causa doctorate from Aix-Marseille Université. Her research interests are resistance to information systems implementation, outsourcing of information systems services, software project risk management, and strategic alignment. Suzanne’s work has been published in such journals as Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Journal of Information Technology, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, MIS Quarterly, Organization Science, and others. Suzanne Rivard is a Senior Editor for the Journal of Strategic Information Systems, a member of the Journal of Management Information Systems editorial board, and a member of the Senior Advisory Board of Information and Organization. She was the Senior Editor for the MIS Quarterly Theory and Review Department from 2010 to 2016. She also served as Senior Editor for the Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Associate Editor for Information Systems Research and the MIS Quarterly.

  • Martin Wiener on IS Sourcing in the Digital Age: Everything Has Changed But Nothing Has Changed
    Martin Wiener is a Professor of Information Systems and Business Engineering at TU Dresden, as well as an Affiliated Researcher at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) Institute for Research in Sweden. His current research focuses on the control and governance of digital transformation projects, algorithmic management of both gig and traditional workers, and data-driven organizations. His work has been published in top-tier IS journals, including Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems, and MIS Quarterly. Martin currently serves as Associate Editor for Business & Information Systems Engineering and Information Systems Journal, as well as on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of the Association for Information Systems and Information & Management. He also serves as Co-Program Chair for the 2022 European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) in Timișoara, Romania.

Research Forum "IS Sourcing in the Digital Age":

  • The research forum discusses papers that aim to improve our understanding of how, why, and under what conditions sourcing can make a positive contribution to the digital transformation of firms.
  • Format of the research forum: On the day of the research forum, each author presented their work in a short presentation (5-10 minutes).

SIG Annual Meeting 2020 and JIT Special Issue Paper Development Workshop

The 2020 SIG Annual Meeting took place as a virtual post-ICIS event. The SIG event started with a keynote by Professor Ilan Oshri about the impact of COVID-19 on the sourcing marketplace. featuring many unexpected facts and figures. After this keynote, we had a paper development workshop run by the guest editors of the JIT special issue on “emerging technologies and IS sourcing”: Julia Kotlarsky, Ilan Oshri, Oliver Krancher and Rajiv Sabherwal.

The paper development workshop ran in 2 parallel streams, with joint summary session at the end. Authors of extended abstracts presented their work-in-progress and we had time for discussion. The editors as well as the audience provided detailed feedback on each presentation. Topics ranged from traditional questions of governance, over emerging types of platforms to sourcing digital components for autonomous cars. The participants and organizers discussed intensively the newest developments in sourcing, how they influenced each paper, and how the papers might be opened for the audience. Therefore we believe that the workshop was beneficial not only for those who had submitted extended abstracts but for a much wider audience working on issues related to IS sourcing. Find the complete program of the annual meeting here.

Find the complete program of the annual meeting here. Find the invitation to the annual meeting and the workshop here. The call for papers of the JIT special issue can be found here.

Recap Annual Meeting 2019 - From the Editors: When IS sourcing research meets practice

During ICIS 2019 we had our annual event bringing together IS scholars, teachers, and practitioners who share interests in sourcing-related topics. Peter Schumacher (President, CEO, and Founder - Value Leadership Group; find Peter's bio here) gave an overview about recent technology trends and how these trends have affected sourcing practice around the globe.

Industry key note speaker Peter Schumacher
Industry key note speaker Peter Schumacher

Peter Schumacher answering questions of the SIG members
Peter Schumacher answering questions of the SIG members

This was followed by an editorial panel where highly experienced IS scholars (Rajiv Sabherval, Anand Gopal and Ilan Oshri) shared their experience in managing sourcing-related papers and their personal takes on the future of sourcing-related papers in our fields’ top journals. All were in agreement that sourcing will remain a relevant topic area in IS. It was also noted that while classic topics related to outsourcing and offshoring remain important, sourcing researchers have already years ago started to branch out into exciting new topics. For example, sourcing researchers were among the first to investigate crowdsourcing, the sourcing to more or less intelligent robots, and how to manage highly-skilled outside IT professionals (an everyday managerial challenge for incumbent companies undergoing digital transformations).

The panelists
From left to right: Rajiv Sabherwal, Anand Gopal, Ilan Oshri
The panelists engaged
The panelists discussing controversial questions of the audience

Finally, Oliver Krancher gave an in-depth reconstruction of the publication journey of his recent JMIS paper “An Information Processing View on Joint Vendor Performance in Multi-Sourcing: The Role of the guardian Vendor”. He showed the major issues identified by the reviewers and how they were able to successfully address and respond to them.

We thank all the speakers and panelists for their great and informative contributions and look forward to seeing them and you soon again at other SIG Sourcing events.

2018 - Launch event of the SIG Sourcing at ICIS

On December 13th, 2018, we celebrated our first annual meeting at ICIS 2018 in San Francisco. Julia Kotlarsky, the founding president of the SIG Sourcing, was happy to welcome a room full of interested scholars who looked forward to attending an enjoyable and insightful launch event.

Julia introduced the founding team of the SIG and gave an overview of the resources and services the SIG wants to provide to the community. In particular, we want to help connect interested scholars and practitioners in the diverse fields of sourcing. On the SIG website, we share resources such as relevant literature and announcements of events for practitioners and academics. Our quarterly newsletter provides concise updates and the latest news about the community.

The launch event featured two outstanding and highly decorated scholars as keynote speakers, who shared their perspectives on the development of sourcing as a research field with the audience.

First, Rudy Hirschheim, Ourso Family Distinguished Professor of Information Systems at Louisiana State University, provided a witty overview of the history of sourcing. From early sparks of research interest in sourcing over the first big outsourcing deals, the formation of sourcing-focused research groups, conferences, and workshops to the eventual foundation of the SIG Sourcing, Rudy guided us through the decades with incredible but true anecdotes, hilarious references, and the who-is-who in sourcing.

Rudy Hirschheim providing a personal reflection
Rudy Hirschheim providing a personal reflection

Find Rudy’s slides HERE to have a look at his Timeline of Outsourcing.

Second, Sirkka Jarvenpaa, James L. Bayless/Rauscher Pierce Refsnes, Inc. Chair in Business Administration at the University of Texas at Austin, shared her perspective on the progress and developments in sourcing research. Sirkka pointed us towards the challenges and research opportunities that grow with higher availability and mobility of data, new technologies including artificial intelligence and blockchain, and changing mindsets of policy makers and different players in platform ecosystems. Her keynote thus helped the attendants reflect where fruitful research avenues may be waiting for them.

Sirkka Jarvenpaa on trends in sourcing research
Sirkka Jarvenpaa on trends in sourcing 

Find Sirkka’s slides HERE to have a look at her Four Speculations on the Future of IS Sourcing.

After the keynotes, Ilan Oshri, founding secretary of the SIG, shared the latest insights into important developments in the field of sourcing. Ilan pointed toward the recently published MISQ Research Curation on IS sourcing as an important indicator for the timeliness and relevance of sourcing research. He encouraged the audience to leverage the SIG Sourcing to form connections and research collaborations and to make use of communal resources so that the community can keep this momentum and publish high-class research while maintaining close connections to industry.

Ilan Oshri pointing toward upcoming sourcing events
Ilan Oshri pointing toward upcoming sourcing events

Lastly, Ilan was happy to announce that the Global Sourcing Workshop 2019 will take place subsequent to ICIS 2019 in Obergurgl, Austria.

We hope to see you there!

Scholars looking forward to seeing the SIG thrive
Scholars looking forward to seeing the SIG thrive