From the Editors: When IS sourcing research meets practice

The SIG on Advances in Sourcing will hold a pre-ICIS workshop on December 15th, 2019, from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. This short workshop aims to bring together junior and senior IS scholars who share interests in studying sourcing-related topics.

We will start from a keynote about most recent technology trends and how these transformations have affected the IS sourcing practice. This will be followed by an editorial panel of seasoned and highly experienced editors, namely Rajiv Sabherwal, Anand Gopal, and Ilan Oshri, who will share their editorial experience in managing sourcing-related papers submitted to the top IS journals. This editorial panel discussion will be guided by the questions of the workshop participants.

We will also have the opportunity to learn about the journey of one of the most recent sourcing papers published in an FT50 outlet by a junior IS scholar. Finally, this event will provide a networking opportunity for junior and senior scholars, and for those who share not only research but also teaching interests on sourcing-related topics.


to the official page of the Special Interest Group on Advances in Sourcing (SIG Sourcing) of the Association of Information Systems. This site provides networking opportunity to the members of the special interest group, a way of keeping in touch between meetings, and information to keep you current with the latest developments.

SIG Sourcing was formed in 2018 in response to the growing interest in the IS research community on various aspects associated with sourcing of IT, software development, business processes, software services, ideas and/or data in digital global economy.

Research interests that fit under the broad umbrella of Advances in Sourcing include aspects directly relating to sourcing decisions, organizing and governing sourcing relationships, traditional and online sourcing models, digital sourcing platforms and sourcing outcomes/performance for various sourcing arrangements; viewed from different perspectives (e.g., client and/or supplier firm, crowdsourcing platform and/or individual actors), and studied with different levels of analysis and using different methods.

To capture the dynamics of the sourcing phenomenon, this SIG aims to promote emerging issues and topics of this rapidly evolving phenomenon, which is reflected in the title as “Advances”.

Overall, SIG Sourcing seeks to contribute to the development and refinement of the members' knowledge on sourcing, and to enhance the quality and acceptability of sourcing research in the IS discipline. We seek to achieve the above objectives through seminars, conferences, and on-line resources.

Member Benefits

The SIG Sourcing aims to provide an enabling forum in which IS academics, postgraduate students, and practitioners can:
  • Discover and discuss new and emerging trends associated with and/or having implication for sourcing
  • Exchange ideas with other members related but not limited to new theoretical lenses, research methods, positioning of studies and potential theoretical contributions in this highly practical area of research
  • Foster research collaborations
  • Critically examine new research opportunities, new research ideas, and problems in conducting research on sourcing issues
  • Improve the quality of IS sourcing research by organizing and participating in events (such as pre- or post-ICIS workshops or the annual Global Sourcing Workshop) and developing and consuming sourcing-related resources (such as research curations)