Purpose & Offers


The Special Interest Group on Advances in Sourcing of Association for Information Systems is a SIG of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) serving to bring together researchers that take interest in various aspects associated with sourcing of IT, software development, business processes, software services, ideas and/or data in digital global economy. Research interests that fit under the broad umbrella of Advances in Sourcing include aspects directly relating to sourcing decisions, organizing and governing sourcing relationships, traditional and online sourcing models, digital sourcing platforms and sourcing outcomes/performance for various sourcing arrangements; viewed from different perspectives (e.g., client and/or supplier firm, crowdsourcing platform and/or individual actors), and studied with different levels of analysis and using different methods. To capture the dynamics of the sourcing phenomenon, this SIG aims to promote emerging issues and topics of this rapidly evolving phenomenon, which is reflected in the title as “Advances”.

The purpose of the SIG is to promote the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge among scholars and professionals interested in said area of research engaged in the development, management, and use of information systems and technology.

Offers to Our Members

We offer the following activities, events, and resources to our members:
• we provide a forum for those concerned with the specific area of Sourcing within information systems, in particular new and emerging trends associated with and/or having implication for sourcing;
• we provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas with member counterparts, in particular: ideas around theoretical lenses that can be applied to study emerging topics in sourcing, research methods that can be used for studying advanced sourcing issues, as well as how to develop theoretical contributions in this highly practical area of research;
• we conduct events (such as pre- or post-ICIS workshops) and develop sourcing-related resources for the benefit of our members;
• we provide means for critical examination of the problems and opportunities associated with information systems in the designated area of research;
• we provide manifold opportunities to discuss the relevance of advanced sourcing practices (e.g., emerging sourcing trends, implications of digitization of business processes/services for sourcing; evolution of digital platforms, and sourcing of data at the age of Big Data) for research. In particular, how to design research and how to position research studies for publication in top IS outlets.