Becoming a Member

Instruction for NEAIS Membership Payment

The NEAIS membership fee is $10/Annual and free for doctoral students and Retired/Emeritus faculty. There are two options to pay for the NEAIS membership dues. Doctoral students and retirees should choose the second option as the free membership offer is only available through the second option. 

Automatic Renewal/Purchasing Process

When renewing or purchasing your AIS membership, all individuals will be automatically prompted to pay the $10/year NEAIS membership dues at that time (See the picture below.). While this process is automatically done together with the AIS membership, the discount for doctoral students and retirees is NOT available using this method.   

Manual Renewal/Purchasing Process

To renew/purchase NEAIS membership alone (apart from the AIS membership), you will need to manually go through this process by clicking on the link below. The discount for doctoral students and retirees is available using this method.

Purchase or Renew NEAIS Membership