SIGGreen Webinars are on demand. The concrete time and date will be fixed with the presenter(s), also according to their timezone preferences. Presentations will usually be 15 minutes + 10 minutes of discussion.

If you are interested in presenting, please contact the current acting president, with a title, short abstract (100-150 words), and the subject line "SIGGreen Webinar Submission". We strive to have a Webinar three times a year, around March, June, and September.

Submission deadlines are:
- February 15
- May 15
- August 15

To present in December, please submit a paper to our Pre-ICIS Workshop.

Date Speaker Topic
2023, March tbd tbd
2022, September 8  Eva Glanze (University of Hamburg) How Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises use Digital Technologies for Sustainable Practicing
2022, September 8 Philipp Staudt (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Balancing Allocation Efficiency with Complexity in Electricity Rate Design
2022, March 30 Lars Andraschko (University of Augsburg) Promoting Sustainable Behavior in the Smart Home
2022, March 30 Ehsan Sabaghian (Syracuse University) Technology Integration by Electric Utilities; Patterns, Motivation, Challenges, and Success Metrics, Practices and Influence of the Field
2021, October 5 Valerie Graf-Drasch (Uni Hohenheim) Smart Urban Farming

2021, June 29

Jason Dedrick (Syracuse University)

Information Technology Investment and Carbon Intensity: A Cross-National Study

2021, June 29

Petruska de Araújo Machado (Federal University of Campina Grande)

Green Information Systems Adoption: An Integrative Framework Based on Literature Review Grounded in Design Science and Future Research Directions

2021, March 29

Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen (University of Southern Denmark)

Smartgrid Integration of Commercial Greenhouses

2021, March 29

Roman Zeiss (University of Cologne)

Circular Coordination: Towards a Sociomaterial Theory on Information Systems for a Circular Economy