Call for Award Nominations

SIGGreen Award for the Best Journal Paper on Green Information Systems


  1. Background

The award was established in 2017 by the AIS SIGGreen board to recognize one outstanding journal paper on topics related to the role of information systems to matters regarding environmental sustainability.


  1. Selection

Annually, a selection committee selects one paper to receive the award. The paper is to be selected from peer-reviewed journal articles published in the just-completed calendar year. The Award Selection Committee shall be composed of one SIGGreen member per AIS region. Committee members are invited by the SIGGreen board.

  1. Criteria
    1. Topical fit: The paper must relate to Green IS, that is, understanding how we can use information systems to transform organizations and society into more sustainable entities (Watson, Boudreau, & Chen, 2010), with sustainability essentially referring to the conservation, deployment, and reuse of resources in responsible ways” (Malhotra, Melville, & Watson, 2013, p. 1265).
    2. Publication in a scientific journal: The paper must be published in an academic journal. There are no restrictions placed on discipline, ranking or other characteristics of the journal aside from the paper undergoing rigorous peer-review.
    3. Demonstrated potential impact on sustainability practice: The paper must clearly demonstrate solution potential, i.e., contain clear implications for how IS solutions could contribute to dealing with climate change and related environmental challenges (including an IS artefact or IS knowledge more generally).
    4. Methodological rigor: The paper’s findings must build on sound and robust research practices.
    5. Thought inspiring ideas: The paper should “linger on” in the memory of those that read it and should not be easy to forget.


  1. Nomination

Nominations for the award can be made via email including:

  • Complete reference to the nominated paper
  • Brief rationale including how the article fulfills the criteria (150-300 words).

It is possible to nominate self-authored papers.

  1. SIGGreen Award for the Best 2022 Journal Paper on Green Information Systems

The Best 2022 Journal Paper on Green Information Systems will be awarded with the SIGGreen Award in 2023.

The Award Selection Committee members for 2023 are:

  • to be announced

Nominations via email to the Award Selection Committee (mail address to be announced). The due date will be announced soon.

The Award Winners will be announced during the SIGGreen Workshop at ICIS 2023.


Malhotra, A., Melville, N. P., and Watson, R. T. 2013. “Spurring Impactful Research on Information Systems for Environmental Sustainability,” MIS Quarterly (37:4), pp. 1265–1274.

Watson, R., Boudreau, M. C., and Chen, A. 2010. “Information Systems and Environmentally Sustainable Development: Energy Informatics and New Directions for the IS Community,” MIS Quarterly (34:1), pp. 23–38.