ICTs for Socioeconomic Development


August 17, 2018




Strand 1

Theories for Analyzing Innovation and Technology in Emerging Financial Markets: The Case of Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading

Wendy CurrieAudencia Business School
Jonathan SeddonAudencia Business School
Ricky CooperStuart Business School
Ben Van VlietStuart Business School

Enterprise Systems Adoption and Implementation in Chinese SMEs: Exploring Relationships Between User Firms and Technology Providers Through ANT

Zheng XuWenzhou University
David BrownLancaster University
Mark StevensonLancaster University

The Impact of Prosocial Microlending on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: A Cross-National Natural Experiment

Minxu ShenEast China University of Science and Technology
Jason ChanUniversity of Minnesota
Yi DingNational University of Singapore
Jin ChenEast China University of Science and Technology

James Pick (Chair)