Call for Proposals

Thirteenth Annual AIS SIG Global Development Pre-ICIS Workshop

Austin, Texas, USA  (Hybrid)   Sunday December 12, 2021

Theme: Information and Communication Technologies in Global Development: Lessons from the Pandemic  


The pandemic has brought to light and exacerbated inequities that have plagued the world even before COVID-19 spread. Despite its medical and technological advances, much of the world was unprepared for what its people faced.  With a death toll and mortality rates unseen in modern times, the datafied world amidst some populist regimes witnessed additional pandemics within the pandemic. In the changing world, broadband internet access has become more essential to enabling people to lead their lives while locked-down and/or in quarantine, or working or schooling from home.  In some areas, people have become accustomed to accessing healthcare information, resources and providers through mobile and/or other devices for their COVID-19 information, while tracking and tracing is being carried out using mobile applications. Those at the margins become vulnerable to digital biopolitics or efforts by governments and corporations to maximize knowledge and control of populations using digital means for political and economic power.  Implications for inclusion and not being left behind need to be further assessed. In this the datafied society, increased data surveillance offered cause for activism and fight for human rights and freedoms. This also referred to as the datafied pandemic in which life revolves on the internet more than ever through access to tools, basic services, and social environments. Within these digital divides, the forces of globalization forge ahead with perils and promises. Scholars in Information Systems are investigating societal impacts of ICTs on people, data and things, and research in Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) is becoming increasingly diverse. Innovations in ICT4D involve investigating innovations in ICTs as well as innovative uses of ICTs.  Current innovative uses of blockchain technologies to track refugees, offer new identification mechanisms, healthcare tracking for epidemics and the use of cryptocurrencies to offer payment systems are offering new ways for people to bring about improvements in their lives.

While drawing upon theories that help understand these emerging phenomena, research in ICT4D and IS also requires attention to the contextual challenges facing practitioners in the field. There have been attempts to develop theories that enable these challenges to be understood.  The Global Development workshop addresses questions that provide new and meaningful definitions of Development, such as, Can ICTs support the development that will lead to improvements in lives of individuals, communities and regions? And inevitably, one needs to ask questions about how to better understand these problems and challenges. The papers in this workshop will also further the knowledge of what we know about how ICT enables the global economy by enabling local needs to be met in a manner that preserves the ability of the planet to support human life.

Relevant topics for this Workshop include:

  1. ICT transformations during and post-pandemic
  2. Novel approaches for ICTs for development
  3. Theoretical lenses and/or empirical studies that enable an understanding of: ICTs & Sustainable Development; ICTs & Health Care; ICTs & Peace building; ICTs & Disaster Recovery.
  4. Social, political, and community development impacts of ICTs.
  5. Data Justice implications of ICTs in the pandemic
  6. Designing ICT artifacts that support holistic Development.
  7. Security & Technological constraints on the use of ICTs for development
  8. The role of government policy in fostering ICT human capital, cooperation and capacity building
  9. ICT Impact Analysis: Sophisticated analyses of the empowering potential & dangers posed by ICTs.
  10. Social networking for Development
  11. Critical and theoretical perspectives on the digital divide and social inclusion
  12. Challenges of ICT support for vulnerable groups
  13. Educational systems; content provision and delivery; developing ICT skills
  14. Frugal Innovation and innovative ways in which technologies are applied in developing regions.


These will be published on the SIG GlobDev website and in the AIS E-Library with ISBN: 978-0-9976176-9-6.


Authors of selected workshop papers will be invited to submit their papers for possible inclusion in a special issue of the Journal of Information Technology for Development (ITD).


Paper / Panel Proposal Submission Deadline:  September 13, 2021

Notification to Authors:                                       October 30, 2021

Deadline for Final Papers:                                 November 13, 2021

Workshop Date:                                                 December 12, 2021


Submitted papers should be limited to 7,000 words or approximately 25 pages in length.

Please clearly indicate the category of your paper on the title page:

  • Research Paper; Contribution to Practice; Research-in-progress; Student Paper

Additional information, template and instructions for submitting papers and proposals to the workshop are here:

Paper Submission Template. docx
Call for Proposals. docx

SIG GlobDev 2021 will be a Hybrid Workshop (on site and virtual).  Information on the conference and workshop location, and connection information can be found at https://icis2021.aisconferences.org


Paper Submissions and Panel Proposals should be uploaded to the EasyChair submission web site for SIG GlobDev 2021 – https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=sigglobdev2021   

Abstracts do not need to be submitted prior to full paper submissions.

 Any questions can be sent to Arlene Bailey: arlene.bailey@uwimona.edu.jm or Silvia Masiero: silvima@ifi.uio.no.  Please include “SIG GlobDev Workshop” in the subject header of the email.

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