AMCIS 2020

Emerging Trends and Innovation in Spatial Big Data, 
Social Media Analytics, IoT, and GeoAI  


Mini-Track Description:

Location Analytics and GIS provide excellent opportunities at the convergence of existing technologies (e.g. mobile, web) and emerging trends in Big Data, Social Media Analytics, IoT and AI, as well as Blockchain for teaching and research.  This mini-track provides a research forum on the varied aspects of GIS for organizational intelligence, location-based analytics, and geospatial data management.  “Geospatial Impact” is growing and becoming pervasive through various technologies and trends such as the “massification” of maps, demand for real-time information, and a booming geospatial start-up community.  

This mini-track encourages and solicits completed research papers and Emergent Research Forum (ERF) papers across topics such as –

  1. New Frontiers in innovation and impact with GIS and spatial analytics,
  2. Geospatial AI, AR, and VR,
  3. Innovation in the sharing economy,
  4. Geospatial big data and analytics,
  5. Spatial data mining and knowledge discovery,
  6. Spatial decision making and knowledge management,
  7. Mobile location-based applications,
  8. Cloud-based GIS concepts and applications,
  9. Web-based GIS concepts and applications,
  10. Spatial crowdsourcing,
  11. Management decision-making using GIS, and managerial concerns,
  12. Spatial workforce development,
  13. Regulatory, privacy, security, ethical aspects concerning spatial data and related technologies,
  14. Location-based theory,
  15. Software development incorporating place,
  16. Societal issues of big spatial data,
  17. Investment in and benefits of GIS, spatial BI, or spatial analytics, and
  18. Emerging areas of GIS and location analytics.

Mini-Track Chairs:

Daniel Farkas, Pace University,
Brian Hilton, Claremont Graduate University,
James B. Pick, University of Redlands,
Hindupur Ramakrishna, University of Redlands,
Avijit Sarkar, University of Redlands,
Namchul Shin, Pace University,