2023 Pre-ICIS SIGDSA Symposium

The  2023 Pre-ICIS SIGDSA Symposium will be held on December 10-13, 2023 (Hyderabad, India). The symposium will be held in conjunction with the Association for Information System’s International Conference on Information Systems .

Symposium Website: https://preicis2023.sigdsa.org/

This year's program will address research applications and issues as well as pedagogical practices pertinent to harnessing analytics and data science techniques for enabling innovative applications, products, and services that address individual, organizational and societal challenges. Particular focus will be on aligned with this year's theme of using analytics for solving global and grand problems. Good examples of applications include, but not restricted to, those identified by United Nations. E.g., poverty, hunger, clean energy, sustainability, healthcare, pandemic, societal inequalities, etc. Other traditional areas are equally encouraged as well. This symposium will bring together academic researchers and industry practitioners who share a common passion for the advancement of analytics and data science field in supporting decision-making and knowledge management to achieve societal and organizational benefits.

We welcome your participation and attendance at this exciting symposium. The Research Track, Teaching Track, Prototypes Track, and the Industry Track promises to bring together complementary aspects of research, pedagogy, and practice in the form of presentations, panels, research prototypes, teaching cases, tutorials, and more. The Pre-ICIS SIGDSA Symposium will continue to build on the momentum of prior SIGDSA events by providing a forum for facilitating constructive discussions for researchers, instructors, and practitioners who are engaged in exploring topics and issues in business analytics and data science at large. More information about the participation and submission call, and the Important Dates for 2023 Pre-ICIS SIGDSA symposium will be posted on this website.

For the past eight consecutive years, SIGDSA has received outstanding SIG award from AIS for the wide variety of activities, events, and projects made available to SIG members.Find out more about SIGDSA here. Join SIGDSA by clicking this link here

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