FAQs about SCLC 2024

General Conference FAQs

How do I connect next to the Wi-Fi at Utah State?

  • Learn how to connect to Utah state Wi-Fi here

What time zone is the conference in?

  • The conference will take place in Mountain Time - Logan, Utah (UTC/GMT-6) 

Where should I park?

What is the recommended attire for the conference?

  • Conference attire will include:
    • Thursday (evening check in and social): smart casual
    • Friday (during the day): business casual
    • Friday (evening): smart casual. Layered clothing is recommended for Tour de Utah State. 
    • Saturday: business casual.
  • The most important item to wear is your SCLC name badge!

Special Event FAQs

Can I get into the welcome reception without a name badge? 

  • No. You must be wearing your nametag to enter the Welcome Reception.

What is the recommended attire for the evening events?

  • Conference attire for the Welcome Reception is casual and comfortable. Be sure to check the local weather for the current conditions.


Registration FAQs

Can I pay and register onsite?

  • No. Pre-registration is required.

Can I pay after I attend the conference?

  • No. Pre-registration is required.

What if I would like to bring a guest?

  • Please be sure they are registered in advance. Pre-registration is required.


Competitor and Presenter FAQs

When do we learn the competition results?

  • Competition results will be announced at the Keynote and Award Ceremony.

What is the attendance policy for the competitions?

  • At the 2024 AIS SCLC, we are dedicated to ensuring a fair and competitive environment. Our guidelines are designed to provide all teams with an equal opportunity to present their work without distractions.
    • Entry and Exit Times
      Spectators can enter or exit the competition room only during designated buffer periods, following each team's ten-minute presentation and five-minute Q&A session. A staff member will enforce these policies strictly, ensuring no interruptions once presentations begin. Nobody can enter or leave the competition room while a team is presenting.
    • Phones and Noise Policy
      Attendees must silence all electronic devices and remain quiet during presentations and Q&As to prevent distractions and maintain a respectful atmosphere.
    • Competitor Holding Facility
      Competitors will be held in a designated facility before their presentation time to prevent them from observing their competitors and ensure fairness. Teams will be escorted to and from the competition room according to the schedule.
    • Viewing Restrictions for Competitors
      Competitors cannot watch presentations of teams within the same competition track to maintain a level playing field.
    • Enforcement and Compliance
      Adherence to these guidelines is essential for fair competition. Please comply to avoid disqualification and removal from the venue.
      We appreciate your cooperation in creating a respectful and competitive environment for all participants. Best of luck to all teams!


Need additional assistance?

If you have any questions or uncertainties as you prepare for your trip, please email aisconf@usu.edu or studentchapters@aisnet.org.