Submission of Special Issue Proposals

The Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems solicits proposals for special issues, which are in the scope of the journal. See Aims and Scope.
The proposal should consist of:

  1. The names and affiliations of all guest editors
  2. A working title and abstract for the special issue theme (about 300 words)
  3. A short statement of why this is an important topic for SJIS
  4. A short list of potential reviewers

The proposals should be submitted to the editor-in-chief.

All of the proposals are reviewed by the editorial board and if an issue proposal is accepted, one of the editors of the journal is assigned to oversee the development of the special issue. The editors and guest editors then agree on a schedule for the production of the special issue.

The guest editors are expected to make a call for papers for the special issue and distribute it to prospective authors. The guest editors are responsible for finding reviewers for the special issue. The reviews are performed using the normal forms and procedures of the journal.

For examples of previous special issues see:

Current special issue call for papers: Data Work in Healthcare