Previous IRIS/SCIS

2022: IRIS45/SCIS13 (Helsinge, Denmark) - Workforce Leadership in the Age of Digital Transformation
2021: IRIS44/SCIS12 (Online Conference - Orkanger, Norway) - Living in a Digital World?
2020: IRIS43/SCIS11 (Online Conference - Sundsvall, Sweden) - Digitalization in times of transition
2019: IRIS42/SCIS10 (Nokia, Finland) - Smart transformation
2018: IRIS41/SCIS9 (Aarhus, Denmark) - Digital adaption, disruption and survival
2017: IRIS40/SCIS8 (Halden, Norway) - Challenging smart
2016: IRIS39/SCIS7 (Ljungskile, Sweden) - Living in the cloud 
2015: IRIS38/SCIS6 (Oulu, Finland) - System Design for, with and by users
2014: IRIS37/SCIS5 (Ringsted, Denmark) - Designing Human Technologies
2013: IRIS36/SCIS4 (Gran, Norway) - Digital Living
2012: IRIS35/SCIS3 (Sigtuna, Sweden) - Designing the Interactive Society
2011: IRIS34/SCIS2 (Turku, Finland) - ICT of Culture - Culture of ICT (download papers)
2010: IRIS33/SCIS1 (Comwell Rebild Bakker, Denmark) - Engaged Scandinavian IS research
2009: IRIS32 (Molde, Norway) - Inclusive Design 
2008: IRIS31 (Åre, Sweeden) - Public systems in the future – possibilities, challenges and pitfalls 
2007: IRIS30 (Tampere, Finland) - Models, Methods, and New Messages 
2006: IRIS29 (Helsingør, Denmark) - Paradigms Politics Paradoxes
2005: IRIS28 (Kristiansand, Norway) - Reaching out
2004: IRIS27 (Falkenberg, Sweden)
2003: IRIS26 (Porvoo, Finland)
2002: IRIS25 (Bautahöj, Denmark)
2001: IRIS24 (Bergen, Norway)
2000: IRIS23 (Uddevalla, Sweden)
1999: IRIS22 (Keuruu, Finland)
1998: IRIS21 (Sæby, Denmark)
1997: IRIS20 (Hankø, Norway)
1996: IRIS19 (Lökeberg, Sweden)
1995: IRIS18 (Gjern, Denmark)
1994: IRIS17 (Syöte, Finland)
1993: IRIS16 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
1992: IRIS15 (Larkollen, Norway)
1991: IRIS14 (Umeå-Lövånger, Sweden)
1990: IRIS13 (Turku, Finland)
1989: IRIS12 (Skagen, Denmark)
1988: IRIS11 (Røros, Norway)
1987: IRIS10 (Tampere, Finland)
1986: IRIS9 (Lund, Sweden)
1985: IRIS8 (Århus, Denmark)
1984: IRIS7 (Helsinki, Finland)
1983: IRIS6 (Øystese, Norway)
1982: IRIS5 (Stockholm, Sweden)
1981: IRIS4 (Oulu, Finland)
1980: IRIS3 (Saarijärvi, Finland)
1979: IRIS2 (Dragsfjärd, Finland)
1978: IRIS1 (Tampere, Finland)

Letter of Address at IRIS34 in Turku, Finland by Markku I. Nurminen, professor emeritus at University of Turku

Read about Per Flensburg's proposal for IRIS scientific background here.
The purpose is to identify from where we came but most important: In which directions we are moving.