The IRIS Association

About Us

The IRIS (Information Systems Research in Scandinavia) Association is a non-profit organization aiming to promote research and research education in the use, development and management of information systems in Scandinavia, and making that research known in the international research community and among practitioners. The IRIS Association is the Scandinavian Chapter of the Association for Information Systems.

If you are a researcher or practitioner in the field of information systems interested in your own development and in the building of knowledge in organizations and society, you are most welcome to become a member of IRIS  Association.

The IRIS Association is based on the active participation of members and institutions. The organization consists of members, the Executive Board, an Editorial Board and a Secretariat. The organization is guided by its statutes (see Bylaws). At the yearly business meeting members decide on the directions and actions of the organization.

The Association has as its major purpose to develop and maintain the following:

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