Call for Papers

SIGGreen Pre-ICIS 2020 Workshop


Workshop Theme: Climate Change and IS in a Post COVID-19 World

SIGGreen is the AIS Special Interest Group on Green Information Systems. SIGGreen provides a platform for those in our discipline who are concerned with how information systems can help reduce human impact on the natural environment – one of the greatest challenge of your time. SIGGreen recognizes that the Information Systems (IS) discipline can have a central role in creating an ecologically sustainable society because of the field’s five decades of experience in designing, building, deploying, evaluating, managing, and studying information systems to resolve complex problems, SIGGreen’s positions are presented in its Statement on Environmental Change meeting and workshop will be held at ICIS 2020. The Pre-ICIS 2020 workshop provides a forum for the breadth of sustainability research in IS and thus contributes to further developing this important IS research domain.

We invite papers employing a wide variety of methods. We welcome empirical (qualitative and quantitative), design-oriented and theory development research papers.

Interested authors submit extended abstracts (1-2 pages – see paper template for details) which will be peer-reviewed by at least two expert reviewers. Successful abstracts will be shared with other workshop participants. After the pre-ICIS workshop, authors are invited to submit a final paper incorporating feedback. Workshop papers will be published as workshop proceedings on AIS Electronic Library (AISeL).

Information about the workshop will be updated here. 

Important Dates

- October 13th 2020: Submission of extended abstracts to:

- November 2nd 2020: Notification of acceptance

- December 12th 2020: Virtual workshop

- January 31st 2021: Submission of full workshop papers for publication on AISeL (optional)


Formatting Requirements for Extended Abstracts

- Expected length: 1-2 pages

- Use Workshop Template


Workshop Co-Chairs (SIGGreen Executive Board)

Johann Kranz (SIGGreen President )

Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Gilbert Fridgen (President-Elect)

University of Luxembourg

Pratyush Bharati (SIGGreen Past President)

University of Massachusetts, Boston


Workshop Organization

Anne Ixmeier

Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich