Global PhD Seminar

AIS SIG DITE Global PhD Seminar

Course Coordinators: Professor Youngjin Yoo & Professor Jan Recker (Spring) and Professor Kalle Lyytinen and Professor Jonny Holmström (Fall)

Duration and time

The seminar runs every spring (February-April) and every fall (September-December).

Total duration: Ten sessions a 2.5 hours plus preparation plus paper development. The seminars will be held online via Zoom. Attendance of all sessions is expected.

Seminar objectives

This doctoral seminar on digital innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurship is designed to help doctoral students:

  • become familiar with the main research streams and contributing scholars in digital innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurship;
  • develop a personal perspective on these topics; and
  • explore their relationship to other intellectual streams in management disciplines such, as information systems, operations, marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship.

In addition to covering a subset of the IS digital innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurship research literature, the seminar also covers relevant foundations of innovation, transformation, entrepreneurship scholarship that will assist the participants in developing and writing a seminar paper.

Syllabus of the seminar: Syllabus for Spring 2024

Registration and application

Class size is limited. To register your interest, please fill out the forms below. You will need to include a short recommendation letter from your advisor or supervisor to apply.

Spring: The deadline for application using this form is 31 January.

Fall: The deadline for application using this form is 17 September.