About Us

The Special Interest Group on Accounting Information System (SIG ASYS) dedicates itself to facilitating, supporting and disseminating world class research on accounting information systems. Accounting information systems research focuses on the link between accounting and information systems, including IT governance, IT controls, IT processes, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Our research draws from accounting, psychology, cognitive science, behavioral science, economics, and information technology.

The goal of SIGASYS is to link the accounting information systems research community with the broader information systems research community. In accordance with the mandates of the parent organization, Association for Information Systems, this organization will be devoted to the promotion of accounting information systems research on a global basis. This will include the sponsorship of conferences/colloquia in all three global regions as defined by the Association for Information Systems (i.e., the Americas, Europe/Africa, and Asia-Pacific). SIG ASYS will also strive to promote the publication of research on an international level.

We support a number of workshops each year, with our major event being the Pre-ICIS Workshop, held in conjunction with ICIS each year. In the Asia-Pacific region we support the Asia/Pacific Research Symposium on Accounting Information Systems, held in conjunction with AFAANZ. In Europe, we support the European Conference on Accounting Information Systems (ECAIS).


The mission of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) Special Interest Group on Accounting Information Systems (SIG ASYS) is to globally promote and facilitate the creation, presentation and publication of research examining the impact or use of information technology in accounting environments. SIG ASYS strives to be the global leader in linking and integrating the accounting information systems and broader information systems research communities.

Strategic Plan for Meeting Mission

  1. Provide an electronic forum for networking and informing accounting information systems researchers.
  2. Liaise with a premier international journal in the area of accounting information systems to support and strengthen the recognition of accounting information systems research within the broader information systems community.
  3. Affiliate with internationally focused accounting information systems research conferences/symposia across the three global regions to facilitate interaction with other information systems scholars, enhance the visibility of accounting information systems research, and support research activities.
  4. Provide member services that support the development and production of high quality accounting information systems research (including but not limited to business information processing systems design and use, business process controls, information systems assurance, and information technology integration and use in professional accounting environments).

Sponsoring Journal Editor: 
Andreas Nicolaou
Bowling Green State University
International Journal of Accounting Information Systems

Benefits of Membership

SIG ASYS has a presence with conferences/symposia in each of the three global regions and an affiliation with the International Research Symposium on Accounting Information Systems (IRSAIS). It also sponsors an annual workshop held in conjunction with the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS).