Future Conferences

Future Conferences

MWAIS 2025

The 20th Annual MWAIS Conference will be held in person on in May 2025. Sponsored by the AIS MWAIS chapter, the conference will be hosted by Oklahoma State University
Conference website: https://mwais2025.bus.okstate.edu

Future Conferences

MWASI 2026 will be hosted by University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Invitation to host future MWAIS conferences

We are inviting bids to host the MWAIS 2027 annual conference and beyond. If you are a university in the Midwest United States, consider this opportunity to host the annual MWAIS gathering, while showcasing your department, college, university and your hometown.

The conference provides an excellent setting to engage your local CIOs, doctoral students, university leadership and your local community along with IS academics from Midwest and beyond. It is a low budget-high impact conference and provides an intimate and effective environment to facilitate the sharing of ideas within a small and social setting.  

For any questions related to hosting MWAIS 2027, please feel free to contact any of the MWAIS Executive Committee members