Executive Committee

Mahesh Boodraj
, mboodraj1@gsu.edu

Mahesh is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Computer Information Systems at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University. His research focuses on technical debt, software development, and IT project management. He has published several peer-reviewed articles in various outlets, including AOM and ICIS. He has also taught numerous computing, information systems, and project management courses from the undergraduate to the executive level. Before joining academia, he held several technical and managerial roles at IBM and the Mona School of Business & Management.
Carol Lee, carol.lee002@umb.edu

Carol is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Information Systems for Data Science Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is also a part-time lecturer at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. Her current research interests include business analytics, data quality, decision models, and their impact on organizations and society. She has presented research at ICIS, AMCIS, ECIS, AOM, and ICIQ. Before working in academia, Carol was an Assistant Vice President at Citigroup. She has consulted for various startups and early-stage companies in the Boston area.
Tawfiq Alashoor, talashoo@nd.edu

Tawfiq is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Information Technology, Analytics, and Operations (ITAO) at the University of Notre Dame. He conducts behavioral research in the area of information privacy. He is mainly interested in understanding privacy beliefs, how privacy beliefs influence privacy decisions, and why privacy decisions are sometimes inconsistent with privacy beliefs (i.e., the privacy paradox) across various settings. He also conducts research in the area of security, research methods, management, and health.
John Correia, correia@gonzaga.edu

John is an Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems at Gonzaga University. His research focuses on behavioral factors associated with information technology, including information technology self-efficacy, security, privacy, problematic use, and mindful use. He has published in the journal of The DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems and the Journal of Information Systems. He was also a part of the 2018 HICSS and ICIS Doctoral Consortiums.
Jessica Pye
, jessica.pye@asu.edu

Jessica is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems at Arizona State University. Her research looks at the business value of IT in large institutional settings — such as the U.S. electric utility industry and the health care industry — undergoing regulatory change. Her research has appeared in leading peer-reviewed scholarly publications, including MIS Quarterly and Journal of Medical Internet Research.
Jennifer Claggett, claggejl@wfu.edu

Jennifer is an Assistant Professor of Commerce at the Wake Forest University School of Business. She earned her Ph.D. in information systems from the University of Georgia. Her research interests focus on coordination, self-efficacy, and how information systems impact health care. She was instrumental in founding the AIS Doctoral Student Corner and chaired the inaugural Corners at AMCIS and ICIS.