We are excited to officially launch the AIS Doctoral Student College, which was approved by the AIS Council at ICIS 2019 in Munich, Germany. This is a particularly significant milestone for us because the Doctoral Student College is only one of four colleges approved by AIS.

The AIS Doctoral Student College is open to all graduate students and early career scholars in information systems who are members of AIS in good standing. The College was established to provide a forum for discourse between graduate students and early career scholars, an opportunity for mentor relationships crucial to the success of graduate students and early career scholars, and an avenue for career coaching through AIS-sponsored panels and discussions at ICIS and other AIS-sponsored conferences.

The College seeks to further that mission by expanding our scope beyond hosting the Corner at AMCIS and ICIS. Specifically, we plan to achieve the following five goals over the next five years (our “Five-in-Five” plan):

  1. Extend the Doctoral Student Corner to ECIS and PACIS
  2. Launch an international faculty-student mentorship program
  3. Raise funds for travel grants and student scholarships
  4. Provide educational resources to support research and teaching
  5. Create opportunities for students to engage with the AIS Community

We recognize that we can only achieve these goals with the support of the larger information systems community. We would, therefore, like to invite you to reach out to the members of our Executive Committee to discuss potential areas for collaboration or to identify other ways to get involved with the College.

Executive Committee
AIS Doctoral Student College

In Honor of Dr. Jessica Pye: The Visionary Founder of AIS Doctoral Student College

It is with a heavy and hurt heart that we share the news that our beloved founding member, and friend, Jessica Pye passed away on July 28th. It is hard to find the words to describe what she meant to us and this community. Simply put, there would not be a Doctoral Student College without Jessica.

Jessica took over the administration and delivery of the Doctoral Student Corner in 2016. She served as the sole leader for several conferences. With the vision of supporting doctoral students beyond the scope of the Corner, Jessica later led creating the Doctoral Student College and built the foundation for our AIS sub-community that now includes 1000+ doctoral students around the world. Since its inception at ICIS in December 2019, Jessica continued to serve as a leader and counselor in the College’s executive committee.

So today, we honor the visionary legacy of Jessica. Her unwavering dedication and passion nurtured a vibrant forum for discourse, mentorship, and career coaching, empowering countless young researchers. Her compassionate spirit inspired academic excellence, leaving an enduring mark on the AIS community.

Let us support each other during this time of grieving and always remember that any benefit that has been experienced from this community is largely due to Jessica’s vision for the Doctoral Student College and passion to help others in their journey. Together, we can ensure her legacy continues to shine through our continued dedication to build and support the next generation of scholars.

As we bid farewell, we cherish her memory and her invaluable friendship and contributions. Jessica's inspiring journey guides us to strive for knowledge, collaboration, and growth. Farewell, dear Jessica, your vision lives on in AIS Doctoral Student College and the aspiring scholars who carry your torch forward. Rest in peace, knowing your legacy in the academic world will continue to impact the lives of doctoral students in a meaningful way, like you have affected us who were lucky to know you.

Jessica Pye Memorial AIS Doctoral Student College Fund has been established in Jessica’s name. If you want to learn more or would like to contribute, you can do so at https://lnkd.in/gGyjEZzB.


The AIS Doctoral Student College Team

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