We are excited to officially launch the AIS Doctoral Student College, which was approved by the AIS Council at ICIS 2019 in Munich, Germany. This is a particularly significant milestone for us because the Doctoral Student College is only one of four colleges approved by AIS.

The AIS Doctoral Student College is open to all graduate students and early career scholars in information systems who are members of AIS in good standing. The College was established to provide a forum for discourse between graduate students and early career scholars, an opportunity for mentor relationships crucial to the success of graduate students and early career scholars, and an avenue for career coaching through AIS-sponsored panels and discussions at ICIS and other AIS-sponsored conferences.

The College seeks to further that mission by expanding our scope beyond hosting the Corner at AMCIS and ICIS. Specifically, we plan to achieve the following five goals over the next five years (our “Five-in-Five” plan):

  1. Extend the Doctoral Student Corner to ECIS and PACIS
  2. Launch an international faculty-student mentorship program
  3. Raise funds for travel grants and student scholarships
  4. Provide educational resources to support research and teaching
  5. Create opportunities for students to engage with the AIS Community

We recognize that we can only achieve these goals with the support of the larger information systems community. We would, therefore, like to invite you to reach out to the members of our Executive Committee to discuss potential areas for collaboration or to identify other ways to get involved with the College.

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AIS Doctoral Student College

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July 5-9, 2022
Doctoral Student Corner at PACIS 2022, Taipei-Sydney

August 10-14, 2022
Doctoral Student Corner at AMCIS 2022, Minneapolis