Established in 2019, the vision for SIGDITE is to provide a forum and inspire a community of scholars to explore emerging phenomena related to the design, use, and management of digital technology across all levels, from individual to societal, and discuss new theory advancements within and across areas closely related to digital technology, including digital innovation, transformation and entrepreneurship.

Our growing membership is interested in promoting and facilitating networking and exchange of ideas amongst professionals interested in digital innovation, transformation and entrepreneurship to move individual and collective research agendas forward. By joining this SIG, members will have access to a digital platform that includes both a curation of digital technology-related research resources (i.e., papers, theory database etc.) as well as participate in a bi-annual webinar series to facilitate and encourage discussion of fundamental concepts, invite authors to present their recently published, accepted, or forthcoming work, and to promote and disseminate ideas.

The SIG will host meetings and working groups at IS conferences designed to Initiate debates among leading scholars to stimulate the community and trigger challenging discussions, foster community building through structured presentations/breakout sessions/panels and informal networking events, and provide feedback to PhD students and early career researchers on their work through discussions of their submissions in smaller groups mentored by senior scholars.

Finally, access to a SIGDITE annual report (email digest) will communicate highlights of the yearly gathering as well as integrate related research across conferences and make the positioning of digital technology-related research more consistent so researchers can keep up with emerging research trends and establish opportunities for collaboration.